To make a New Year’s resolution or not?

Make a New Year’s resolution or not?

Whether to make a New Year’s resolution or not can be a controversial topic.

Some people see it as a good opportunity to refocus, recommit, or move in a completely new direction to make a fresh start.

Others feel like resolutions are lame, pointless, and most are generally abandoned by February.


I fall into the first camp. I’m pro-New Year’s resolutions.


Over the past five or so years, I’ve set resolutions and really took them seriously. I’ve used resolutions to help me achieve goals and adopt healthier habits.

I feel a new energy when I move into a new year. I figure why not capitalize on that momentum?

With that in mind, I took some time last week to set a list of ten things I’d like to work on in 2018. I keep this list on my phone so I can easily keep it top of mind.


And the one thing I learned in 2017 above all else was that the Universe has my back (and just a note, it has everyone else too).


So my ego may pick a list of 10 things that I’d like to achieved by December 31, 2018. But my soul knows the list may not ultimately be aligned with my actual purpose for the next 365 days.

Six months from now, or by March, or even tomorrow, something may happen that takes me in a totally different direction. My ultimate goal for this year, and my lifetime, is to listen to that calling and follow it without fear.


Because just sticking with a New Year’s resolution no matter what, instead of listening to calls from Universe, creates pain and unnecessary suffering.


Now, let’s be real. You are not likely to get calls from the Universe to eat another cupcake or tell someone off.

But you may think you are meant for a promotion at your current job. Then all of a sudden the Universe presents you with a completely new opportunity that is also a bit scary.


Do you stay the course or make the change?


I’d say you’d be wise to go with flow from the Universe and make the change. Even if it doesn’t sync up with that New Year’s resolution to get a promotion at your current job.

And even if the new job/relationship/adventure doesn’t work out exactly the way you had hoped, open up again to the Universe and let it lead. Sometimes, what we see as failure is just the warm up for an amazing breakthrough.


The truth is we have a limited time on this planet, but unlimited possibilities.


When you hear this truth and really apply it your life, you will be amazed how things shift.

You can’t mess up, but you can hold back the gifts you are meant to share with this world.

So today you can set out to accomplish your resolutions or not. At the end of the day, accomplishing those things (or not) isn’t going to make or break you.


But I’d highly recommend that you make a simple promise to yourself, and this world- that you will not limit yourself when the Universe calls.


Don’t come up with a list of reasons “why you can’t”, when you have the amazing opportunity to let “why you can” guide you.

This is the secret sauce that will allow you to blow the doors off of this beautiful new year. Happy 2018!