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Benefits of Daily Meditation

Benefits of daily meditation

Meditation is a funny topic. I feel like people talk about their meditation practice in the same way others talk about going to church.

Some swear it’s the path to peace.

Others state they just can’t get into it.

And most talk about how they use to do it religiously, but they’ve gotten out of the habit.

I fall into the third category. Since I got sober six years ago, I’ve mediated more days than not, but I’ve also gone on long stretches where I’ve moved away from it.

In fact, I’d say I went from practicing almost daily for about four years, to not practicing at all over the past few months.


My reason is a popular one- lack of time.


I get the most by meditating in the morning. And with my increasing workout schedule, my meditation practice took a hit. I was getting up at 4:30 a.m., somedays 4:00, but I still couldn’t find the time to sit silently for 20 minutes.

However, over the past two weeks, I’ve returned to the practice and it’s made a huge difference. I truly feel a shift. It’s amazing what 20 minutes can do! And ironically my workout schedule is doing just fine.


So why is sitting still so powerful?


For me, it’s the way I connect with a power greater than myself. Sometimes I call that God, other times Higher Power, and recently I’ve move towards The Universe. I don’t feel the word is as important as the feeling.

I connect with it by rolling out my comfy and cushiony yoga mat, setting the timer on my cell phone for 20 minutes, and just sitting. It’s as simple as that. Sometimes it takes a few minutes, but with time my mind settles down.

I know many people say they can’t meditate because they struggle with “clearing their head”.

I always find this an interesting reason to not meditate. It would be like saying you don’t like to go on a nice evening walk because you can’t run a 3-minute mile.


My point- No one can clear their mind.


It’s your mind. If you’re breathing, it’s working. Which means it’s going to chatter.

But your ability to tone down the chatter and tune into the peace- and messages from The Universe- can increase the more get you used to sitting silently.

It’s not that you won’t still think about your to-do list, but you will start to think about it less. And the more you practice, the more you will also learn to shift your mind back to meditation when it does wonder

I believe meditation is powerful because it allows me to connect with something bigger than myself. Because of this, I remember to lean on it when I get nervous, stressed, overwhelmed, or worried.

My mental framework isn’t just “trying to make it through another day”.

Instead, it is centered on the core belief that life is meant to be joyful.


And that a joyful life isn’t reserved for a select few, it’s something each and everyone one of us has the opportunity to enjoy.

I’m also reminded that I don’t have to rely on self-will and will-power to push through challenges. I can see those challenges as opportunities. Something The Universe wants me to learn so I can continue to grow and evolve. It changes from a disadvantage to a gift.

This may sound like a lot to get from 20 minutes of sitting quietly. I can assure you it is. It’s just that powerful.

And the best part is, it’s available for any person to tap into. It takes no money, no special talent, and the payoffs are huge. How awesome is that???