Triathlon Training Recap

Here is a recap of my training from Saturday, July 15th to Friday, July 21st



This week’s triathlon training was, in a word- humbling.

Learning two completely new sports is no easy task. At least I’m never bored, but I do often wonder if I’m crazy.

Last week, swimming was the star. I went to my first open water swim class, and even bought a wetsuit.

This week, I kind of want to break up with swimming.


Needless to say, we have a very rocky relationship.


Since last week’s open water swim went well in the beginner group, I opted to move up to the intermediate/advanced group for Wednesday night’s swim.

The warm up was a small loop in Folsom Lake and I started out strong. So strong (and a little nervous) that I forgot to breath until I was about 10 strokes into the warm up.

By the time I did come up for air, I was totally out of breath. I panicked and then, as if on cue, my swim cap started to slide off. This pushed my goggles into a funny spot. Things were going down hill fast.

I abandoned the warm up, cut the loop and half swam/half doggy paddled over to the beginners group.

I was embarrassed and disappointed, but I stuck it out, and honestly everyone was so busy trying to listen to teacher they could have cared less that I was back with the beginners.


But I have to say, it was a total blessing.


We had a smaller group of beginners than the previous week. I learned a lot more about basics. And the whole group asked a ton of questions. It was so helpful.

I know one thing I will not do in the future- take off into a swim and forget to breath. Lesson most definitely learned.



Bike: 60 miles at moderate pace



Run: 12 miles at moderate pace



Run: 8 miles (1 easy warmup, then .25 hard, .25 easy alternating for 6 miles, then 1 mile easy cool down)

No swim, I was in Monterey for business and per the lifeguard, the ocean water was too rough to swim in!



Bike: 90 mins, with five 3-minute intervals at hard pace over the course of the ride



Swim: 2,000 yards total. (Main set: 2 x 300 yards race pace, RI = 30 seconds) and open water swim clinic in the evening

Run: 6 miles moderate + 4 x 10-second hill sprints.



Strength Training: ProCity Fitness (a strength and conditioning class)

Bike: 50 minutes, with six times of 2-mins hard intervals



Swim: 1,400 yards moderate (Main set: two times 300 yards race pace, RI = 30 seconds)

Run: 6 miles moderate, with four times of 10-second hill sprints.



Definitely completing 60 miles on the bike. This was the longest I have ever rode a bike.

I rode on the American River Parkway and was expecting an easy ride from the start of the parkway to the end, and then back.

But I totally spaced and forgot Eppie’s Great Race (a Sacramento tradition!) was on Saturday.

It’s a modified triathlon (Kayak, Bike, Run) and it closes a good portion of the parkway for the race. I got about 10 miles into my ride and couldn’t go any further due to the closure.

I spent the next 50 miles making things up as I went along. It was frustrating at times, but I figured out a way to loop all around Sacramento and get the mileage in, and I’m so glad I did.

I felt so proud when I saw 60.0 on my Garmin.

Another huge highlight, running in Monterey. I was there on Monday for work, so I got up early and went on a run.

The Monterey Bay Coastal Recreational Path is a beautiful path just for joggers, walkers and bikers, no cars. It goes along the coastline and through downtown Monterey. Nothing like running by ocean!!



The open water swim. I have to admit, I felt defeated not even making it through the Intermediate/Advanced warm up.

But on a positive note, I learned a ton from my “failure”. No matter how nervous I get, I need to remember to breath. Kind of good life lesson in general!


Up next

This weekend I’m going to my first triathlon training camp on Saturday from 8-noon. It’s a course preview of the Folsom Triathlon, the race I’ll be doing on August 6th.

It’s only four hours, but the website says it will cover these things:

– Event training and preparation basics

-How to choose gear that is right for you

-Nutrition for training, racing and recovery

-Open water swim skills (safety, starts, sighting and strategy)

-Race rules, safety and etiquette

-Transition set up for speed and ease

-Bike handling skills (climbing, descending and cornering)

-Tips and tricks that will save you time and effort

-Race day planning, strategy and goal setting


Should be a pretty action packed four hours!

Of course, I’ll recap it all in blog post next week.

Happy Friday all!