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Real Christmas Tree Traditions

Real Christmas Tree Traditions

Who hasn’t picked out their Christmas tree yet???

I’m embarrassed to say, I fall into that category. But, it is not too late! In fact, my husband and I have a date set for this Saturday to pick out our little tree.

That’s right- a date. Not just a trip to the garage to pull the fake tree out from between some dusty storage bins.


I love the tradition of getting a fresh tree every year.


In our family, that includes first getting a yummy brunch and then heading over to Dave’s Christmas Trees at Vierra Farms in West Sacramento.

In years past, when my stepkids were little, it was a family affair that included pictures with Santa. We made a whole day of it, with all of the fun things that come with this time of year. Like bundling up for cold weather, getting hot drinks to warm us up, and walking through row after row of trees to find just the right one.

Now that they are in college, it’s just my husband and me. But we have kept up with one tradition from those days with the kids- after the tree is on the car roof, we head back over to the barn area of Dave’s Christmas Trees and get a few of their famous apple cider donuts. They are heaven!


Picking out a tree is such a special tradition, but did you know getting a real Christmas tree is also better for the environment?


Recent studies have shown that a fake tree has three times the amount of impact on climate change and resource depletion when compared to a real tree.

The biggest reason is because real trees take carbon dioxide out of the air as they are growing and when we are finished with our holiday festivities they are also biodegradable. They can also be recycled into mulch to be used for landscaping and agriculture.

But what do you do with that fake tree when you are ready for something new? It ends up in the landfill for literally centuries. Think about all the plastics, glass, wire, metal- just a complete waste of resources. And often fake trees get discarded because a few bulbs burn out and it is impossible to find the right one to replace, wasting the whole tree!

And while you may think that having a real tree is a problem because you are cutting it down, have no fear! The farmers plant a new one in its place, thereby replacing the one that you used for the holidays. Trees aren’t called a renewable resource for nothing!


And speaking of farmers, you are also supporting small (and often local) businesses when you head to a tree farm or lot.


How many small businesses do you know that sell fake Christmas Trees? If your town is anything like mine, those trees are usually sold by the corporate stores. It’s the small mom and pop stores and tree lots that often sell the real trees. By buying a real tree, we are helping to support our small businesses and the farmers that supply them. Its a sustainable cycle for the environment and the economy.

So enjoy the experience of having a real tree, including that amazing smell that fills your house that can’t be replicated any other way. And feel good about your choice, too.

You aren’t just creating memories, you are also doing something really wonderful for our environment and helping support small, local businesses and farmers.

Tis’ the season!!