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Sun & Soil Juice Cleanse

Over the years, I’ve tried a few juice cleanses. I don’t look to them for permanent weight loss or to slim down for an event. But I have found a good juice cleanse can reset my hunger levels, reduce bloat, and reenergize me.

And recently I found a cleanse that did all of that, and more!


It was a 3-day juice cleanse by the local Sacramento company, Sun & Soil Juice Company.


And I have to say, it was a total win! The juices tasted amazing, made me feel so much better, and even helped ward off a cold.

I tried the juice cleanse in mid-December. I know, most people do one to kickstart their New Year’s resolution, but I hadn’t even made it to Christmas yet and I was feeling the holiday drag.

My Thanksgiving was spent in San Francisco enjoying lots of fabulous food. Then the first week in December we headed to New York for a family event and tasted our way through countless Italian dishes.

When I looked ahead at the rest of December, I knew I needed a reboot before Christmas… as well as my vacation to Las Vegas on December 26th!

I rallied my husband to join me, and together we committed to three days of drinking our fruits and veggies.


The Sun & Soil Juice Company cleanse includes six juices per day. You have three options- Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.


The beginner series has more fruit juices than the other two and the calorie count is about 920. The intermediate and the advanced are very close in calorie count- intermediate is 540 and advanced is 500.

The cost is the same for any of the three options. It’s $64 a day, but you get $12 of those dollars back when you return the glass bottles post-cleanse.

My husband and I both opted for the intermediate. You repeat a few juices with the advanced cleanse and I preferred getting to enjoy different juices throughout the day.

You can find all the details about the juice cleanse on the Sun & Soil Juice Company website, but the intermediate cleanse included these juices:

  • Lemon Snap
  • Beta Boom
  • Revive’n Romaine
  • Field of Greens
  • Green Queen/king
  • Enchanted Forest Tea

We drank a juice about every two hours, starting at 9 a.m. I can honestly say that neither of us were hungry the whole time we did the juice cleanse. You are drinking a juice so regularly that hunger isn’t an issue.


Just two disclaimers:

  1. I did not work out while I did the cleanse (I’ve only been able to do yoga for the past few weeks due to a running injury). If you do work out, you might want to take those three days off or stick with gentle yoga.
  2. We did this cleanse over a weekend, and I would NOT recommend doing that if you can help it. While you aren’t really hungry, if you are anything like us, the weekend highlights include a yummy dinner out or a tasty brunch. Not having these things made it more challenging from a mental perspective. Although we weren’t hungry, we did feel like we were missing out on some weekend fun.


As for the results, once the juice cleanse wrapped, I was down 5.5 pounds and my husband lost seven.

But regardless of the number on the scale, we both felt better. My hands and belly were less swollen, and the cold that was creeping up on me was gone.

It also really helped me get my hunger in check.

Like so many others, when I’m on vacation or it’s the holidays, I get into the habit of overeating. And while it’s fun to indulge, it’s not fun to feel rundown or uncomfortable in your own body.


This juice cleanse helped me get back to just eating what my body needed, not everything in sight.


It’s been about a month since the cleanse and I’ve gained back 3 of the 5.5 pounds that I lost. Not too bad considering most of the weight you lose on a cleanse is water weight.

Oh and the fact that post-cleanse we then celebrated Christmas over four days- two days with my parents and two days with my in-laws- and then spent four days in Vegas. Plus the New Year’s holiday!

With all that, I’d consider keeping any weight gain at bay to be a Christmas miracle!!