Half Birthday

Half Birthday

Yesterday was my half birthday.

Yep, I celebrate it. Because birthday’s are so good, why not make it a bi-annual thing?

But don’t take me for a total prima donna. I didn’t expect gifts, cake, or a card.

In fact, yesterday was like most Wednesdays. I did a nice swim/run workout in morning and then went off to work for eight hours. After work, I went to open water swim class until 8, and then back home for a simple dinner of quinoa and chickpeas.


Not bad as days go, but not what most people would consider a party.


For me, half birthdays are more of a mental check in. How is this year going? What am I proud of? What do I want to improve on?

Basically, what are my goals for the second half of 37?

A lot of the ones I like to focus on (and blog about) center around physical accomplishments. Things like:

All of these are great goals that really excite me.

But I also want to work on some of the smaller things.


Things that might not be as exciting, but are just as important.


Things like:

  • Being more vulnerable with others.
  • Worrying less.
  • Embracing change.
  • Overcoming self-doubt.

Honestly, I’d rather run a marathon than work on those things.

But I also know those are things that create the most change.

They are the day in, day out tasks of acknowledging negative thoughts and understanding that they don’t hold any weight- unless you give them weight.


So many times I confuse “I feel” with “I am”.


I may feel awkward, shy, or self-conscious, but I am none of those things. When I remember to let my thoughts come and go, I see the impermanence of the painful moments. I remember they will pass.

I’m also able to enjoy, but not cling to, joyful moments. Because like it or not, those will pass as well.

So here’s to 37 and half. Two days in, and so far, so good!